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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Underground Hypnosis

Hi This was a classified ad I picked out and thought it might interest you. This guy makes some pretty outlandish claims. With a 100% money guarantee its got to be worth checking out.

Stealth Hypnosis Techniques
Hypnotize anyone in minutes without them knowing, even by email.
Copy these 'Black OP's' Strategies and get exactly what you want.
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Friday, March 10, 2006

Have You Heard of Underground Hypnosis? Banned Stealth Hypnosis Techniques.

A curious email dropped onto my virtual doormat, forced out from my already overflowing inbox by thousands of Viagra offers. It was from a good friend of mine and had the most interesting subject line I have ever seen,"Have you heard of Underground Hypnosis...Banned Stealth Hypnosis Techniques." It was for a product that had just been launched. He told me I just had to check this out.
My friend knows of my interest in hypnosis, magic and the works of Derren Brown et al.
But what was particular about this was that it was a full on hypnosis course, not revealing the tired old tricks like getting someone to cluck like a chicken or doing the lambada when they hear Beethoven's 9th, but using little known techniques, actually what they call "underground" stuff for getting exactly what you want in life, work, relationships you name it.

Needless to say I decided to take the bait and find out what it was all about. With a money back guarantee I had nothing to loose. Even better when I down loaded the whole course while I made a cup of tea.
A quick look over my course materials told me it was going to be a long and very exciting night as I found myself confronted with 7 Cd's of Audio and 25 Books.

I have to tell you this was like digging for gold and there was plenty of it.
The reality was that anyone with a really basic knowledge of communication can hypnotize anyone in minutes.

Have your worst enemy eating out of your hand by applying the sinister "Black Mirror Operation" and the "No Cleaver technique." This means that you can hypnotize someone during normal conversation, even make them believe that it is fundamentally wrong to disagree with you. And get this, they won't even realize they have been put in a trance.
Combine these two techniques with the "Iron Man Technique" and your life will literally be transformed.

If this stuff isn't illegal then it damn well should be.

By the way! Don't think it hadn't occurred to me how I could use these "Underground" techniques to improve my financial situation. So I was knocked clean out of my boots when I heard about hypnotizing by Email. If only the top marketers knew about this one.

I was suddenly congratulating myself for owning hours and hours of the most sought after information ever to flood the hypnosis underworld.

I've seen most every kind of product out there on hypnosis and it's easy to pass them by, after all they all amount to the same old tricks but differently packaged.

I believe this one is different. The Underground Hypnosis Course definitely gets my vote and I challenge anyone to beat it.

I won't wait up.

Further information is available from a web site they have at www.hbtech.co.uk

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Weight Loss Hypnosis by Denis Carville

Weight loss hypnosis here means Intensive Success Visualization.

In weight loss hypnosis, distractions - mental associations that compete for your attention - are minimized, in part because you close off input from your external senses during this time. The InnerSkills.net weight loss hypnosis recording will enable you to focus your attention very cleanly on what you really want for yourself and what you really are capable of. Think of a laser light.

Hypnosis is capable of liberating your feelings for things that matter to you in a rather singular way. Properly directed, weight loss hypnosis can activate your latent aspirations, ideals and hopes for yourself. Your weight loss recording is framed so as to help you fill your mind with experiences, examples and images of personal success.

While listening to your weight loss hypnosis recording, you are focusing your awareness on things that really matter to you. Naturally, then, you will experience feelings about your desires for yourself and your vision of a desired future. And these feelings - because they arise from your vision of what you really want for yourself - are likely to be more than ordinarily moving to you.

And that is the key. Since our feelings have such a power to move us, they literally "mobilize" us, pouring energy into our motivation so that competing notions about ourselves and little wants of ours simply fall behind.

Winston Churchill mobilized a nation's spirit to triumph over formidable obstacles by his "inspirational realism." That is a perfect term for what you will be mobilizing in yourself as you enter into your weight loss hypnosis reveries. Inspirational realism. Immerse yourself in weight loss hypnosis and find yours.

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